Vaccine mandate for NHS staff could be delayed — Analysis

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, allegedly fears that he will be arrested if he continues to push his Covid-19 policies.

The UK government’s threat to fire unvaccinated National Health Service (NHS) staff is likely to be delayed amid fears of a Conservative Party revolt against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to The Telegraph.

The NHS will likely mandate vaccines “kicked down the road”An unnamed source in government told The Post that it was delayed for six months. However, the project has not been abandoned altogether.

According to The Telegraph, the government is worried about a backbench rebellion as MPs prepare to file a motion in no confidence in Johnson in case he was implicated in Downing Street parties that allegedly occurred last year under Covid-19 restrictions. According to one source, the newspaper was informed that Johnson had been involved in Downing Street parties last year which were allegedly done without Covid-19 restrictions. “a substantial number”Johnson’s government ministers, MPs and other officials would vote against him.

UK army deployed to hospitals

Backbench Conservative MPs disillusioned with the Conservative party have demanded that the NHS mandate for vaccines be repealed. They claim it will lead to further shortages of staff at a time where the NHS is already in major crisis.

On Saturday, hundreds of NHS workers and their support took to London’s streets in protest at the mandate. They held signs that read: “My Body My Choice,” “No NHS Mandates,” “From Clapping to Sacking” – the latter in reference to the weekly applause NHS staff received in 2020 for their pandemic efforts.

According to the mandate in place, NHS workers must get their full vaccination against Covid-19 by April 1. Otherwise they risk being fired. People who don’t receive the first vaccine by March 3rd, will be informed that they are being fired. ITV reported that up to 70,000 NHS workers remain unvaccinated.



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