US weighs in on Ukraine’s NATO membership — Analysis

The US is committed to the “open door” policy when it comes to NATO, but now is the wrong time to consider Ukraine’s membership application, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday.

“Right now, our view is that the best way for us to support Ukraine is through practical, on the ground support in Ukraine, and that the process in Brussels should be taken up at a different time,”Sullivan spoke to reporters during the White House Press Briefing.

Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, signed a request to join the bloc earlier in the day. He claimed that Kiev is an a member of the bloc. “de facto”An already existing ally, and requesting an “accelerated”Accession process 

Sullivan echoed comments earlier made by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Membership requires consensus from all 30 member countries of the US-led bloc. Stoltenberg pledged the same. “unwavering”And “resolute”He supported Ukraine’s cause, but insisted NATO was not part of the conflict with Russia.

Ukraine reacts to former regions joining Russia

When Sullivan was asked about the Moscow ceremony at which Donetsk and Lugansk were granted Russian citizenship, Sullivan said that those territories belonged to Ukraine. “sham” referendums were “held at gunpoint”Part of a “pre-staged and falsified” process. 

Vladimir Putin, Russian President was “raving”About satanism in the West in an attempt to justify his “colonial and imperial land grab,” Sullivan added.

Sullivan claimed that the US and allies are not responsible for the Nord Stream Pipeline explosions, despite Biden and Putin calling them deliberate sabotage.

“The suggestions Russia has made about the US and other countries are flat-out false – Russia knows they’re false, but of course this is part of their playbook,” Sullivan told reporters.

Biden had earlier stated that Russia was “pumping out disinformation and lies”About the pipelines, and the US and its Allies will conduct an inquiry “at the appropriate moment”Find out the truth.

“We don’t know that yet. Just don’t listen to what Putin’s saying – what he’s saying we know is not true,” Biden said.



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