US vows response to China’s presence in this tiny Pacific nation — Analysis

China could set up an military base in Solomon Islands and the White House is threatening to respond

The United States stated Friday that it will respond to China’s permanent military base built in Solomon Islands. “significant concerns”The country has signed an agreement of security with Beijing this month.

Following meetings between a high-level US delegation and top officials in the Solomon Islands, the White House issued a statement outlining what was discussed during the sit-down and issuing a warning over the nation’s growing ties with China. 

Although the White House stated otherwise “the United States respects the right of nations to make sovereign decisions in the best interests of their people,”They added: “if steps are taken [by China] to establish a de facto permanent military presence, power-projection capabilities, or a military installation… the United States would then have significant concerns and respond accordingly.”

This tiny island nation proves that the West only believes in its own ‘spheres of influence’

Manasseh Sogavare, the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, responded to these concerns. “reiterated his specific assurances that there would be no military base, no long-term presence, and no power projection capability,”The security pact was signed with China “had solely domestic applications,”The White House did not stop.

The Chinese government has announced the signing of a security deal after weeks of reporting about the possibility. They claim it will promote regional stability and peace as well as work with the United States. “parallel and complementary”To existing agreements with Solomons. 

Washington stated that it was sending a delegation to islands just one day before to try to convince the local authorities that America would rather than China. “deliver prosperity, security, and peace across the Pacific Islands and the Indo-Pacific.”The visit was followed by trips to Fiji and Papua New Guinea as well as Hawaii (USA), where officials met with counterparts in Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Last week, Canberra’s Pacific minister, Zed Seselja, said the Solomons should consider rejecting the agreement with Beijing during his own visit to the islands, also citing worries over an expanded Chinese military presence, though the warning appeared to have little effect.

Security deal between China and Pacific country defends

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