Man caught trying to get 9th Covid jab — Analysis

Belgian authorities detained a man who tried to obtain his 9th Covid-19 vaccination dose using false identity to claim that he was representing others.

The unnamed man from Charleroi was detained at a vaccination center on Sunday after staff recognized his face, L’Avenir newspaper reports. He had previously been to the center to get vaccinated a whopping eight times, using different identity cards for clients who allegedly wanted a ‘fully-vaccinated’ status without attending themselves.

The newspaper reported that the police will file a complaint against the man as well as anyone else who used his vaccination service.

Man investigated for having 10 Covid jabs in one day

Although vaccination is not mandatory in Belgium, people who have been fully vaccinated can receive a Covid Safe Ticket that allows them to enter and travel to certain places, such as bars, restaurants and fitness centers.

Several vaccine ‘mules’ have been caught getting vaccinated on behalf of others since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions. A New Zealander was arrested for receiving ten shots per day in exchange for paying customers.

Astrid Korneef from the New Zealand Ministry of Health stated that her government is “very concerned”Concerning people getting more vaccines than required, we advise the public “seek clinical advice as soon as practicable”If so,



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