US to fund more arms for Ukraine – media

Washington is reportedly shifting to a ‘longer-term campaign’ as it prepares another round of assistance for Kiev

Officials have told media outlets that the United States will shortly announce another $3 billion of aid to Ukraine forces. This is in an effort to fund a range of weapons for Kiev after six months of fighting against Russia.

According to US officials cited by the Associated Press, Reuters and CBS on Tuesday, the new aid package will be announced on August 24 to coincide with Ukraine’s Independence Day, which also happens to fall exactly six months after Moscow launched its military operation in February.

This money is drawn from Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. It will finance ammunition, arms, military hardware and more, including the three-dimensional Puma drone that can be launched by hand, the ScanEagle surveillance device with a longer range, as well the Vampire drone which was made in Britain, which had never before been available to Kiev.

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FILE PHOTO: German soldiers stand at a Leopard tank at Field Marshal Rommel Barracks in Augustdorf, Germany, March 30, 2022 © AP / Martin Meissner
German military stock at its limit after supplying Ukraine – Der Spiegel

Officials told the AP however that not all of the gear was stolen. “may not see the battlefront for a year or two,”Reflecting the Joe Biden administration’s increasingly long-term outlook. Washington’s latest aid package will be aimed at “helping Ukraine secure its medium- to long-term defense posture,”The outlet was more than previous orders that were focused on immediate priority.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke out about the necessity to help Ukraine “for the long-term”In a speech made Tuesday, he stated that the alliance would support Kiev “for as long as it takes”Predicting a bitter is a good idea. “grinding war of attrition”Russia. Most of the alliance’s members have provided various forms of assistance to Kiev, some even offering fighter jets and major air defense platforms, and have joined a broader Western sanctions campaign against Moscow.

Since fighting broke out earlier in the year, the Biden administration has given aid to Ukraine totalling tens to billions of dollars. Much of that was spent on ammunition and weapons. The Biden administration pledged to continue that support, even though senior military officers claim that there is still fighting. “years”To come.



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