US tanks ‘absolutely on the table’ for Ukraine, Pentagon says — Analysis

In recent weeks, Kiev has been pressing Washington and its EU allies to acquire more heavy weapons.

United States might offer “NATO compatible”A Pentagon source said that tanks were being delivered to the Ukrainian army to replace old Soviet-era gear. The move comes as Kiev is insisting on steady Western armies amid intense fighting with Russian troops.

The defense staffer, speaking to journalists for an anonyme briefing, was asked Monday if the White House would consider heavy armor for future aid packages for Ukraine. He noted that Ukrainian legislators recently visited Washington to push for tanks. 

“Tanks are absolutely on the table along with other areas,”According to the official, Ukrainian troops have a greater familiarity with each other than their counterparts in Ukraine. “Soviet type tanks,”The Pentagon acknowledges “that there will be a day when they may want to transition and may need to transition to NATO compatible models.”

When asked if Western tanks would be part of upcoming arms delivery, the official replied that it depended on the speed at which Ukrainian forces were trained in the use and maintenance of the vehicles. However, he added that the Joe Biden administration was involved. “certainly open”To the idea.

Pentagon releases Ukraine weapons list

The White House’s latest security package to Kiev was announced last week, worth some $600 million, marking Biden’s twenty-first presidential weapons drawdown for Ukraine. Additional rounds were provided by the US for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, (HIMARS), and 36,000 artillery shots. There was also 1,000 precision-guided munition, as well as a variety of small arms and transport vehicles. 

Washington has increased its arms shipment steadily through the war. In the end, Washington agreed to send multi-launch rocket system such as HIMARS and long-range artillery platform, several months into conflict. However, the White House has so far refrained from sending some of the US military’s most sophisticated weapons, such as heavy armor or fighter jets, instead agreeing to facilitate transfers of Soviet-era gear from third countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

While more than $15 million in military assistance has been approved by Biden to Ukraine, since Russia’s troops entered the country late February and brought with them heavy weapons, Ukrainian officials are still pushing for stronger arms. Kiev requested American armor as well as Leopard battle tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicle, along with Gepard antiaircraft tanks. Berlin, however, has not responded to these demands. 

“No country has delivered Western-built infantry fighting vehicles or main battle tanks so far,”Christine Lambrecht, German Defense Minister, stated in an interview last week that she added “We have agreed with our partners that Germany will not take such action unilaterally.”

According to the US defense official, it was not clear what type of tanks were being considered by Pentagon for Ukraine. “NATO compatible models.” The M1 Abrams is currently Washington’s main battle tank, several configurations of which are ready for export, according to the Drive.

US to back Ukraine ‘as long as it takes’ – Biden



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