US suggests Valentine’s Day revenge against exes — Analysis

Federal agency asks people to report former lovers for gun crimes so it can give them ‘a Valentine’s Day to remember’

A federal law enforcement agency has suggested a novel way for Americans to get back at their ex-lovers on Valentine’s Day: turn them in for illegal gun activity.

On Monday, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted its holiday pitch, asking people to revenge on their ex-partners. “Let us know, and we will make sure it’s a Valentine’s Day to remember,”The agency stated.

ATF promoted it as a way of making Valentine’s Day fun for all lovers, regardless of whether they had broken up. The ATF also put up a sign asking for tips from ex-mates selling or buying illegal firearms. “We would love to meet and treat them to a Valentine’s Day surprise.”

But, it met resistance on Twitter and was ridiculed by critics. Much of the ridicule pointed to hypocrisy, such as the fact that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, still hasn’t been charged for allegedly concealing his history of drug abuse when he bought a gun in 2018.

Many observers pointed to the Obama-Biden administration’s “Fast and Furious”In this operation, the ATF deliberately allowed illegal firearm sales in order to trace the arms of Mexican drug cartel leaders. Later, some of the weapons were discovered at crime scenes both on the US and Mexican border. One example was the killing of Brian Terry (US Border Patrol agent) in 2010.

Other people reminded ATF about its previous failures, such as the deadly Ruby Ridge or Waco besieges with the FBI. A religious cult compound in Waco resulted in the death of 76 persons, including 25 children.

Still other critics warned that the ATF’s suggestion could lead to “swatting,”Bitter ex-boyfriends may make false allegations against their lovers to try and get law enforcement to launch an armed raid. These raids led to many deaths.

“What could go wrong when it comes to the ATF and swatting people for fun?” journalist Michael Praats asked.

Such vengeance doesn’t have to be limited to exes. ATF stated that it is open to crime tips on both ex- and current partners.

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