Afghan evacuee found guilty of molesting 3yo in US — Analysis

According to reports, the refugee told authorities that he hadn’t done anything which would be considered offensive in his cultural context.

An Afghan refugee has been convicted of sexually abusing a 3-year-old girl at a US Marine Corps camp in Virginia following the United States’ evacuation from Afghanistan last August.

Mohammed Tariq, 24, was found guilty on Friday of sexually abusing the young girl while both of them were being housed at Virginia’s Camp Upshur on Marine Corps Base Quantico following his evacuation from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. Tariq will be sentenced to life imprisonment on 26 April.

US Marines spotted Tariq “inappropriately touching the victim over her clothing, on her chest, genitals, and buttocks”In a Monday release, the US Department of Justice stated that they were at camp last year.

When “the victim and Tariq were unrelated,”They had both “recently been evacuated from Afghanistan and brought to the United States,”The statement is as follows: This statement was made by the girl, who was living at the camp along with her family.

Tariq told an interpreter to the authorities that the behavior was acceptable in his culture. “efforts to have his statements suppressed were rejected by the judge,”Stars and Stripes were reported.

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Jessica D. Aber is the US attorney in Eastern Virginia. “the resilience and courage of the victim and her family”Report the abuse.

Following the Taliban’s overthrow of Afghanistan, the US began the evacuation of its troops and allies (including native interpreters) from Afghanistan. The Taliban eventually captured Kabul in August 15. The chaotic effort saw many Afghans plunge to their deaths as they held onto a US plane leaving Hamid Karzai International Airport. It continued for the remainder of the month.

The White House reported in November that more than 73,000 Afghans had been brought to America in the first phase of evacuation. It also noted that there were up to 22,000 refugees. “may also be relocated and resettled to the United States”The following year, they were all released. All the evacuatees were first flown from their homes to the US Military Bases, and then released to communities in the United States.

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