US senators press ahead on Russia ‘terrorism’ bill — Analysis

Moscow has warned of a complete rupture in diplomatic ties should Washington go through with the “terrorism” label

Senators representing both the major parties in America have proposed legislation to make Russia an official ally. “state sponsor of terrorism,”Additionally, the legislators can impose economic sanctions on top of that. 

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Richard Blumenthal announced the bipartisan ‘Russia is a State Sponsor of Terrorism Act’ bill on Wednesday, accusing Moscow of grave “atrocities,” “war crimes”And even more “genocide”Ukraine 

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin has crossed every line of civilized norms during the war in Ukraine and years before,”Graham even went as far to label the Russian leader personally “terrorist.”

The Republican stated, “The Republican also stated…” “Ukrainians have been asking for this designation, and we are listening,”The bill could be claimed by you “game changer in how we deal with terrorists worldwide.”

Moscow reveals ‘point of no return’ in Russia-US relations

The measure could be signed into law and would drastically reduce the cost of living. “defense and technology exports”Russia must significantly cut its aid. “impose additional financial restrictions”It will be added to an existing set of sanctions that target the Russian economy. The bill seeks to: “eliminate Russia’s sovereign immunity in the eyes of US courts,”The meaning of “the families of victims”Of alleged “state-sponsored”Russian officials could be sued by terror in civil and criminal cases.

Senator Blumenthal – who has voted for a series of “lethal aid” packages to Ukraine now totaling in the tens of billions of dollars – offered similar remarks, citing what he described as Kiev’s “success on the battlefield” “military prowess”While denigrant Russia “among the club of pariah nations.”

Biden opposes designating Russia as state sponsor of terrorism

Moscow has stated that Russia would not be allowed to be blacklisted as a terrorist supporter. “point of no return” in relations with the United States, asking Washington to tread carefully following reports that even the most senior lawmaker in the US Congress – House speaker Nancy Pelosi – strongly favored the idea.

However, US President Joe Biden still opposes any terrorist label so far. He simply replied that he did not approve of the idea when reporters asked him earlier in this month. “No,”The White House was told by Antony Blinken (Secretary of State), that it would be a good idea to have the White House. “serious problems”With such a move. In August, Politico reported that the State Department quietly approached congressional offices, warning that the designation could derail the Ukrainian grain deal and impact Washington’s remaining economic ties with Moscow.

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