US Senate approves massive Ukraine aid package — Analysis

Nearly twenty-six Republicans joined the Democrats for Kiev to receive an additional $12 billion

A funding bill for Ukraine that includes additional economic and military aid to the country was passed by the US Senate on Thursday. The bill was passed by 22 Republicans and their Democratic counterparts. This comes after $55 billion has been allocated to Kiev in February.

The bill serves the twofold purpose of funding the government to prevent a shutdown at the end of the week and providing another mammoth cash injection to Ukraine’s military and economy. It would allocate $4.5 Billion to Ukraine’s government. $3 Billion for military and weapons equipment. Additional funding is available to replace weapons that have been sent by the USA to Ukraine.

The US has already set aside around $55 billion to prop up Ukraine’s government and armed forces since February, including a $40 billion package of military and economic assistance passed in July. On Friday, the House of Representatives will pass the latest bill. Then Joe Biden will sign it into law. This means that the US has committed more military assistance to foreign countries in one year after the Vietnam War.

Pentagon reveals ‘full’ list of military aid to Ukraine

It was passed with 72 votes to 25. 22 Republicans voted in unison to make sure it made it to the equally-distributed Senate. 

Former President Donald Trump accused the Biden Administration of putting at risk the spread of “World War III”Republican leaders are not averse to the idea of waging active war with nuclear powers.

“Assisting Ukraine is not some feel-good, symbolic gesture. It’s literally an investment in our own national security and that of our allies,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who backed the bill, said before Thursday’s vote. McConnell did not explain the relation between Ukraine’s national security and America’s.

The Pentagon released a Wednesday list that showed $16.9 million worth of US weapons delivered to Ukraine. This includes sixteen High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems of Rockets (HIMARS), 150 artillery items, and tens to thousands of anti-tank rockets.

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