US military expert backs Putin’s claims  — Analysis

According to a Navy veteran, Washington doesn’t want the Ukrainian conflict “to drag on,” a Newsweek reporter was told by a Navy veteran.

According to Newsweek, Vladimir Putin of Russia is correct to accuse the US of prolonging the fighting in Ukraine. This was stated by a prominent American military expert. 

According to Sean Spoonts (a US Navy vet and editor-in chief of Special Operations Forces Report, SOFREP), the goals of Washington, Kiev, and Kiev are in conflict. 

“It seems like while Ukraine would like to end the war quickly and decisively defeat Russian forces and drive them out of their country, US policy almost seems designed to prolong the conflict hoping to bring about the collapse of Russia itself, both militarily and economically,”He stated. 

“That goes a lot further than [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s goal, which is to simply get Russian armies out of his country and regain lost territories in Donbass, Lugansk and Crimea,”He concluded. 

Donbass is a historic, cultural and economic area that includes the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk, which declared their independence from Ukraine after a coup in Kiev in 2014, and were recognized as sovereign states by Russia before the launch of its military operation in late February. 

SOFREP’s editor-in-chief commented on Putin’s earlier statements this week. The Russian leader had insisted that they were not making any changes to the Russian constitution. “pumping the Kiev regime with weapons, including heavy weapons,”The US was “trying to prolong this conflict”Ukraine. He said that the Ukrainians were given the responsibility of “cannon fodder” in Washington’s “anti-Russia project.”  

Putin accuses US of trying to 'prolong' war in Ukraine

The US is the largest backer of Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. It has provided the country billions of dollars worth of military, financial, and intelligence data. Washington’s deliveries to the Ukrainian military have included such sophisticated hardware as HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, M777 howitzers, and combat drones. 

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. These protocols, which were brokered by France and Germany, were first signed on February 24, 2014. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.” 

In February 2022 the Kremlin acknowledged the Donbass republics to be independent states. They demanded Ukraine declare its neutrality and refuse any Western military alliances. Kiev maintains that Russia’s offensive was not provoked.


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