US media reports claim China deep in ‘brain warfare research’ — Analysis

China’s new military strategy reportedly is not to destroy but to paralyze and control the enemy

During the last few years, a research institute in China has been busy developing weapons that would be able to “paralyze” enemies rather than killing them, US media reports claim.

The Washington Times translated and analyzed three 2019 reports by the People’s Liberation Army, which had been published in the official military newspaper PLA Daily. The American paper says these documents “shed light on the depths of China’s brain warfare research and show that it has been underway for several years.”

It has become more difficult to pursue the destruction of human bodies in war than to control the other side and paralyze him.” reads one of the PLA Daily’s reports, called ‘The Future of the Concept of Military Supremacy.’

According to The Washington Times, the Chinese researchers have been studying “Integration of humans and computers towards the ultimate goal to enhance human intelligence and physical capabilities,” as well as working on the brain’s defenses against brain-control attacks.

China will end US dominance – Putin

The US seems to be increasingly worried by the scope of China’s military research. On December 16 the US Department of Commerce announced a decision to place China’s Academy of Military Sciences (AMMS) and 11 affiliated research institutes on an export blacklist “Addressing the continuing threats to U.S. security and foreign policies” presented by China’s efforts “To develop and deploy biotechnology, and other technology for military purposes and human rights violations.”

The head of the Commerce Department, Gina Raimondo, claimed that China used biotechnology and medical innovation “To pursue its control over its population and to repress members of religious and ethnic minority groups.” The document published on the federal register further claims that AMMS and related institutes “Biotechnology is used to provide support for Chinese military ends uses and end users..”

According to a senior US official quoted by The Financial Times, China is working on “Gene editing and enhancement of human performance [and]Interfaces between brain and machine” The Chinese authorities reject all such claims as “It is impossible to find ground.”

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