US Marines deny British commandos ‘dominated’ them during war games — RT World News

The US Marine Corps has denied that they were destroyed and had to be surrendered by the British in California during a fierce simulation battle.

The Telegraph reported that British commandos have been captured by the Telegraph on Tuesday “dominated”The US Marines participated in Exercise Green Dagger, a multinational exercise that lasted five days and was held in California’s Mojave Desert.

According to the Royal Marines, they had decimated almost all of the US units. The Americans asked for help. “reset”Halfway through the wargame, too many simulation casualties.

The Royal Navy stated that an all-allied force consisting of units from the UK, US and Canadian as well as Emirati had been defeated in a post-drill statement “a highly equipped US Marine Corps adversary.”According to navy records, British commandos were “won decisive battles”They gained ground quickly and were able to stop any American counterattacks.

“Our success has proved the new commando force concept is more lethal and sophisticated than ever before,”Commanding Officer for 40 Commando: Lieutenant Colonel Andy Dow

The events were described differently by Captain Zachary Colvin of the US Marine Corps. “‘Winners’ are never determined [by war games],”Colvin shared his thoughts with Military Times. “This exercise does not provide an opportunity to ‘surrender,’ ‘keep score,’ or ‘reset.’ The objective of the exercise is to heighten unit performance and increase readiness.”

“This training opportunity increased the warfighting readiness and interoperability of the US Marine Corps with multinational forces. Exercise scenarios are adjusted as needed to assist commanders in meeting training objectives,”Colvin stated. also available
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