Freedom Convoy flashbacks as biker rally hits Canada’s capital — Analysis

Canadian police reported that seven persons were taken into custody and that 24 motorcycles were torched at an Ottawa rally on Friday.

Bikers rolled into the country’s capital, while a group of anti-Covid mandate protesters on foot gathered outside the parliament building, some holding Canadian flags and playing loud music.

“There have been no reported injuries, and police remain in full control of city streets,”According to the Ottawa Police Service, vehicles could not enter certain areas near Parliament Hill.

Rolling Thunder’s organizers didn’t know what the rally was for, but they did say that it was there to support the cause. “peacefully celebrate our freedom.”

Canadian media however reported the event being linked to Freedom Fighters Canada. FFC is a group opposed to Covid-19 mandates. “tyrannical” legislation.

2 people shot dead by police in Paris amid protests – media

Neil Sheard is a major Rolling Thunder organizer and said Monday that bikers are against property damage, blocking streets or blocking traffic. “hate and vitriol directed to the residents of Ottawa.”According to Ottawa Citizen, he said that bikers would leave Ottawa after the event’s two-day end.

Before the rally, Mayor Jim Watson stated that the city wanted traffic disruptions to be avoided similar to those that took place during Freedom Convoy protests earlier in the year.

In January and February, thousands of trucks were loaded onto streets around Ottawa. Premier Minister Justin Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to deal with truckers for the first times since 1988. The police dispersed and made multiple arrests.

“We have all hands on deck on this,”Watson stated Monday. “No one wants a repeat of what happened during the truckers’ convoy, and that’s why I believe that we are more proactive and better-prepared to deal with the issue.”

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