US has been brought to its knees – Trump

The former president claims his country is suffering one ‘historic humiliation’ after another

The United States has become “a beggar nation,” former President Donald Trump said during a speech at the America First Policy Institute summit on Tuesday. Trump’s first public appearance in Washington since his 2021 departure, Trump attacked the Democrats as well as the Biden government for creating the US. “to its knees.”

He emphasized issues such as inflation at 9.1% (a record high for 49 years), record-setting gas prices and rising crime rates. He lamented the loss of energy independence in America and that it was no longer able to be self-sufficient. “groveling” to other countries, apparently referring to President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

On July 15, Biden sat down with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an attempt to persuade the Middle Eastern leader to boost his nation’s oil production and reduce global reliance on supplies from Russia.

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A Black Lives Matter protestor is shown scuffling with Donald Trump supporters at an August 2020 rally for the then-president in Clackamas, Oregon.
Trump voters favor secession for their states – poll

“Our country is being dealt one historic humiliation after another on the world stage,”Trump spoke. Trump said. “most basic rights and liberties”Are “under siege”As an example, at home “millions of illegal aliens”He added that immigrants flood the country, while murder rates rise in Democrat-run areas.

Trump spoke ahead of the midterm elections and expressed his hope that Americans would reject it. “failed reign of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the radical left.”Former president declared that the Republican Party was on track to win a victory. “triumphant victory”In the next Presidential Election. 

While he is yet to announce his intention to run for US president in 2024. However, he frequently hinted that he might seek another term at the White House.



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