US foes could recruit former Afghan military personnel – Reuters — Analysis

With former Afghan security personnel “sensitive knowledge of US operations”The country’s remaining forces are now vulnerable to coercion and recruitment by Russia, China and Iran. This is according to a Republican interim report that was not released and cited by Reuters Sunday.

“This is especially true given reports that some former Afghan military personnel have fled to Iran,”The House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is composed of Republicans, wrote about the anniversary of Kabul’s seizure by Taliban.

The Taliban captured Kabul in the final phase of US troop withdrawal. Western nations had to rush their Afghan nationals and Afghan aiders out of Kabul after the fall.

An aide to the committee told The Washington Post that approximately 3,000 Afghan security officers crossed into Iran with their vehicles and equipment. “We believe this happened because they were not evacuated by the US or our allies, and therefore had no other option,” the aide said.

Experts call for US to release frozen Afghan funds

According to The Post, the report claims that President Joe Biden mishandled the withdrawal process. It states that more than 800 US citizens were not able to leave the country after the evacuation ended on August 31st 2021. An aide said that at the end of last month, 84 US citizens had attempted to flee Afghanistan.

Michael McCaul (top Republican in the House Foreign Affairs Committee) told Face the Nation, CBS, Sunday, that the Biden administration was “unacceptable.” “no plan”For the withdrawal

The White House rebuffed the report, claiming it to be partisan. “riddled with inaccurate characterizations, cherry-picked information and false claims.” 

“When President Biden took office, he was faced with a choice: ramp up the war and put even more American troops at risk, or finally end the United States’ longest war after two decades of American presidents sending US troops to fight and die in Afghanistan,”Adrienne Watson spokeswoman of the National Security Council.

The report, titled, ‘A Strategic Failure: Assessing the Administration’s Afghanistan Withdrawal’, is expected to be made public this week, according to The Hill.

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