US cyber chief admits to ops against Russia in Ukraine — Analysis

According to its Commander and NSA Director General Paul Nakasone, US Cyber Command experts were sent to Ukraine by the US and carried out offensive operations against Russia. 

Nakasone revealed in an interview with Sky News that the US conducts information warfare with help from corporate media like CNN.

Nakasone (a four-star general) heads the Cyber Command, as well the National Security Agency, out of Fort Meade Maryland. He was in Tallinn, Estonia on Wednesday for CyCon – the 14th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, hosted by NATO. 

Sky spoke with the General about the deployment of US cyber-skills to 16 foreign countries upon invitation by their allied governments. “hunt forward”You can find hackers in other countries and determine the tools that they are using.

“We went in December 2021 at the invitation of the Kiev government to come and hunt with them. We stayed there for a period of almost 90 days,”Nakasone stated. The team, which included all US troops, left Ukraine in February ahead of any Russian invasion.

Nakasone also confirmed – for the very first time, according to Sky – that the US was conducting offensive hacking operations in support of Ukraine.

We’ve conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum; offensive, defensive, [and]Information Operations

The general said that the main difference between Russian information warfare and US intelligence war is the fact that Moscow tells lies, while Washington tells truths. He cited as an example a 2020 case in which Washington had lied. “troll farms”He stated that Russia was developing in Africa. The NSA and Cyber Command responded by informing the FBI – but also CNN, which provided “a flashlight that suddenly exposes this type of malicious behavior.”

NSA promises ‘no backdoors’ in new encryption

In December 2020, Facebook announced a purge of accounts – allegedly both Russian and French – suspected of “coordinated inauthentic behavior,”In northern and central Africa. 

Nakasone stated that the NSA, CYBERCOM and other organizations have been working on this. “strategic disclosure”Since 2018, when he assumed the leadership of both. He said that the NSA had also provided data about other topics. “the Russians were trying to do in our midterm elections” in 2018 as well as in 2020. Moscow denied meddling in US electoral processes, either electronically or otherwise.

“The ability for us to share that information, being able to ensure it’s accurate and it’s timely and it’s actionable on a broader scale has been very, very powerful in this crisis,”He said.

In April, US intelligence officials told NBC News they leaked information to the media regarding the conflict in Ukraine. “not rock solid”Or was made up multiple times in an attempt to win an award “info war”Russia. This misinformation was part a larger effort to “undermine Moscow’s propaganda and prevent Russia from defining how the war is perceived in the world,”They said.



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