US consulate comes under gunfire — Analysis

Gunfire was fired at Monday’s attack on the US consulate located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico border. The US consulate had to be temporarily closed.

After the arrest of Juan Gerardo Trevino (gang leader), shots were fired at the consulate. Fireworks were also started in the area. Trevino is being extradited to the USA on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

On Monday, the consulate sent a warning message to Americans living in the area. It advised them to stay safe. “avoid the area or seek secure shelter”Because of an “emergency situation”The consulate building is located nearby. The consulate confirmed that the emergency situation was gunfire.

According to Reuters “suspected gang members” blocked roads in Nuevo Laredo on Monday and set fire to trailers seemingly in protest over the gang leader’s arrest. The violence reportedly led to the death of one person.

Due to the fire, appointments were cancelled at the US consulate. The building was temporarily closed.

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