Amazon debuts fully autonomous warehouse robot — Analysis

The company hopes to automate the handling of heavy objects so that human employees can “focus on more rewarding work”

Amazon unleashed their creativity “first fully autonomous mobile robot”On Wednesday, at the re:MARS Las Vegas event, company officials announced that warehouse floors were being used. 

Proteus is the name of this new bot. “advanced safety, perception and navigation technology developed by Amazon”To move easily amongst and around their human coworkers.

Proteus is going to start lifting GoCarts (the human-driven wheels that transport packages through Amazon warehouses) in the outbound zones of fulfillment and sorting centres. It hopes to automate GoCarts handling so that human employees don’t have to lift heavy objects. “focus on more rewarding work.”

Amazon’s Proteus video shows an oblong, low-to the ground platform equipped with flashing lights in various colors and a lift mechanism that seems gentle but is powerful (the video was silent). Once a person is in front, the robot will stop moving and allow them to walk away.

According to Tye Brady (Amazon Robotics chief technologynologist), Proteus was designed to avoid the pitfalls inherent in autonomous robot design. Brady explained that Proteus would not have to do with these pitfalls. “very slowly make its way through [a] crowd of people, very slowly, very intentionally”Instead of freezing when it comes across a group of people like robots, some robotics freeze up.

This is a nice overview “10 years of Amazon robotics” the company admitted that it has historically been “difficult to safely incorporate robotics into the same physical space as people.”

Amazon employees suffered injuries when their robot worker at Robbinsville in New Jersey accidentally opened a container of bear mace. He then sprayed the workers with it.

 Robot uprising? Amazon warehouse bot sends 24 human employees to hospital with bear mace

The company then outfitted its employees with the right equipment “Robotic Tech Vests,” designed with sensors that work with robots’ obstacle detection features to warn the machines to steer clear of stray humans. A viral video shows robotic shelves trying to make their way into a room. “trap”A warehouse worker complained to his fellow workers about the slow pace of their machines.

Amazon claims that it has no plans to replace human workers by robots autonomously or not.

“Replacing people with machines is just a fallacy,”Forbes was told Wednesday by Brady that companies who have such an a reputation are able to attract more customers. “replacement philosophy”We would “probably end up out of business.”

Proteus was not the only robot introduced at Amazon’s conference. Cardinal has a robotic arm that can lift 50 pounds and is used to sort packages before shipping. Amazon Robotics Identification System eliminates handheld scanners and allows employees to manually input package information. “natural movements”The Containerized Storage system retrieves packages from employees by using a super-fast camera.

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