US Congresswoman fights off accusations of ‘insurrection’ — Analysis

Liberal activists want Marjorie Taylor Greene banned from the ballot but conservatives call the hearing an “assault on democracy”

Marjorie Taylor Greene (a Republican from Georgia) testified Friday in a hearing to bar her from Congress. She was accused of fomenting the Capitol Hill Riot last January. “insurrection”Democrats and liberal pundits. Greene says she didn’t break any laws. Supporters of Greene have dismissed the hearing, claiming it was an attempt to punish political opponents.

A group of Georgia Democrats brought the case against Greene and were supported by Our Revolution (a left-wing non-profit) and Free Speech for People. The argument is that Greene cannot and should be expelled from Congress due to an obscure clause which was added after the Civil War.

This clause in the Constitution’s 14th Amendment prohibits anyone who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion”Against the constitution and gave “aid or comfort to the enemies thereof”From the office.

The clause has never been tested in court in this manner, and those pushing for Greene’s expulsion have an uphill battle ahead of them. For one thing, while the events of January 6, 2021 – which saw a crowd of Former President Donald Trump’s supporters force their way into the US Capitol in Washington, DC – have been described by democrats as an “insurrection”The act of “domestic terrorism,” none of more than 800 people charged in connection with the day’s events have actually been accused of the crime of “insurrection.” 

Republicans blast January 6 as possible ‘Fedsurrection’

Greene’s lawyer told CNN that he considers the proceedings a “show trial,”Greene insists she did not encourage lawbreaking January 6. Instead she maintains that she asked Trump’ supporters to show up in Washington that day for a “peaceful demonstration,”She also stated that she was pregnant on Friday in court “no knowledge” of any organized attempts to disrupt Congress’ certification of president Joe Biden’s electoral victory that day.

In her social media posts at the time and in her statements in court, Greene insisted that Biden’s win was fraudulent. Trump repeatedly repeated this claim, citing irregularities at midnight and mail-in voting. “ballot dumps” in key swing states, but multiple court challenges by his campaign have failed to overturn Biden’s win.

Greene was accompanied to court on Friday by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a close ally who has also questioned the legitimacy of Biden’s 2020 win. Gaetz stated that he was there to support Greene on Friday morning. “against the assault on democracy that is this effort to remove her from the ballot.”

Greene, Gaetz and other Republicans were part of the group that objected at the 2020 results in battleground state elections.

Should Greene’s opponents be successful, the decision could have far-reaching 

consequences. Trump, for example, could be facing a similar problem if he announces a second run for the White House in 2024. This is considering that he was impeached in January for his alleged inciting of the January 6th terrorist attacks. “insurrection.”

But this outcome is unlikely. A federal judge in North Carolina last month blocked a similar attempt to bar Rep. Madison Cawthorn – another conservative ally of Greene and Gaetz – from office using the same 14th Amendment approach. In Cawthorn’s case, the judge ruled that the Amnesty Act of 1872, which forgave Confederate soldiers who fought the Union a decade earlier, nullified the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Greene will seek a second term of office in November. This is a district Republicans hold since its creation in 2010.

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