US and Philippines launch largest-ever joint military drills — Analysis

According to reports, China has reached a deal with Solomon Islands to place its troops there.

The United States and Philippines have started joint military drills in the Pacific country, where nearly 9,000 Filipino soldiers and American soldiers took part in the 12-day exercise.

These war games are the biggest ever to be held in an archipelago State, reflecting the strengthening of relations between both nations.

Although the joint drills are an annual tradition, they were delayed in past years because of concerns about troops spreading and the Covid-19 epidemic. Philippine military chief General Andres Centimo said that the ceremony reflected the Philippines’s commitment to the aforementioned principles. “deepening alliance”There is no separating the sides.

US Major General Jay Bargeron also expressed similar feelings, and described the “friendship and trust”Between the armies of both countries, working together “succeed together across the entire spectrum of military operations.”

The Philippines and America were at odds after Rodrigo Duterte announced in February 2020 that he was ending the Visiting Forces Agreement. This agreement allowed for joint US exercises in the Philippines.

Both sides will work in concert on exercises related to amphibious operations and counterterrorism.

Australia accuses China of ‘intimidation’ attempt

These latest military exercises are occurring amid tensions rising in the Indo-Pacific area, following Australia accusing China of trying to undermine its sovereignty. “intimidate”Canberra after the leaked security protocol between Beijing and Solomon Islands.

This framework was shared on social media by China last Thursday. It would allow China to send military personnel to the Pacific country. “to protect the safety of Chinese personnel and major projects.”

“We are engaged because we are not blind to the tactics of other people who are going through the process of trying to restrict our capacity of movement and intimidate us,” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce declared.

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