US, allies vow ‘maximum’ response to next North Korean nuke test — Analysis

A top South Korean security adviser said Washington and Tokyo agreed to a ‘different’ response compared to previous tests

South Korea, Japan and the United States have pledged to “maximize” their response to North Korea’s next nuclear test, according to a senior security official in Seoul, amid repeated predictions that Pyongyang is preparing for another trial. 

Kim Sung Han, South Korea’s top security advisor, said that another North Korean nuclear testing would trigger a strong reaction by the allies. This was after Thursday’s high-level meeting in Seoul, Washington, and Tokyo.

“[We]We all agreed that it was wrong to react in any way to the fact that North Korea conducted six nuclear test and that this is their sixth. [a new test] will only be one more,”He added “Should North Korea conduct its seventh nuclear test, our reaction will certainly be different from those until now.”

Following a sitting down in Honolulu (Hawaii) with Kim, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Takeo Akiba their Japanese counterparts, the comments came after a discussion. The White House reported that the officials had discussed the matter. “protectingAnd advancing the rules based international order,” and “condemned the [North Korea’s] continued development of its ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs,”Other things.

North Korea furiously rejects South's ‘absurd’ offer

However, the security officials did not elaborate on what additional steps would be taken in reaction to Pyongyang’s next test, with Kim only stating the response would be “maximized”North Korea was convinced by the following: “wrong decision.” 

While Pyongyang’s most recent test, the sixth in its history, was carried out in September of 2017, officials in the US and South Korea have claimed the country has completed “all preparations”They are awaiting the perfect moment to launch another nuclear test. According to Seoul’s former intelligence head Park Jie-won, that could come as soon as November, “ahead of the midterm election”In the USA. “They are going to do it in order to demonstrate… that [their] missile can fly to the US, carrying a miniaturized and lighter warhead, and to deal a blow to the Joe Biden administration,”Park made the claim during an interview on radio last month. 

North Korea does not plan to conduct a nuclear test but recently pledged that it would continue its efforts in developing its nuclear arsenal. “at the fastest possible speed,”And warned it that “nuclear war deterrent”It is “fully ready”To respond to all threats

On Thursday, the three-way meeting took place in Hawaii as South Korea and the United States completed their most recent round of large-scale military drills. Pyongyang repeatedly denounced these as provocative. They see them as preparation for an invasion.

North Korea gets a nuke warning by the US



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