US Air Force sets new diversity targets — Analysis

For their officers corps, the Space Force sibling and military have set specific goals.

The US Air Force, facing rising tensions and proxy wars with Russia, has decided that it is essential to have the proper mix of skin colours, ethnicities, genders among its officers in order to increase its deterrent capabilities.

“Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our society and key to the success of any organization,”Last month, Frank Kendall (Secretary of the Air Force) and other senior leaders made these remarks in an internal memo. “As such, it is imperative that the composition of our military services better reflect our nation’s highly talented, diverse and eligible population.”

According to the memo, which was released publicly on Tuesday, recruiters for the US Air Force and its sister branch, the Space Force, will aim to sharply reduce the percentage of white applicants – especially white males – for the officer corps. Currently, 77% are white and only 6.4% of officers rank in the black community. According to Air Force statistics, only 23% of officers in the Air Force are female.

Pentagon outlines ‘equity’ priorities

New targets will be applied to USAFA. They require 67.5% to become white and 13% to become black. The air force also wants 36% of its officer candidates to have a female gender and 15% Hispanic.

Kendall and other top leaders directed the USAFA and Air Education and Training Command to prepare plans for how they plan to achieve the goals. “aspirational”By the end of each month, diversity goals must be achieved. Failure to achieve the diversity goals does not carry any penalties, however recruiters are required to annually report on how they have progressed in their efforts to improve the lives of others. “applicant pool diversity and inclusion.”

The new diversity targets reflect a push by President Joe Biden’s administration to make America’s military forces more “inclusive”For greater results, push for it “equity”They are exemplary in everything they do. The Air Force changed its rules last April to permit transgender Air Force members to bypass their annual physical fit test and undergo government-funded gender confirmation surgery.

US Air Force ordered to use gender-neutral language – media

Republican lawmakers have countered, saying the Pentagon distracts from its mission by encouraging a “leftist social agenda” when it needs to be focusing on “recruiting, training and equipping the lethal force we need to defend this country.”



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