US addresses attacks on Russian-held nuclear power plant — Analysis

In response to the reports that Ukraine had attacked Zaporozhye, the White House demanded the Russian military be withdrawn

Monday was a day when the White House called Russia. “return full control”Kiev authorities about Zaporozhye’s nuclear power station near Energodar. Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry charged Ukrainian forces with “nuclear terrorism”For twice bombarding the Russian-held facility since Friday.

“Fighting near a nuclear plant is dangerous,”Karine Jean-Pierre (White House press secretary) told reporters that she was on Air Force One Monday and flew with President Joe Biden into Kentucky for a tour of flood-prone areas. 

“We continue to call on Russia to cease all military operations at or near Ukrainian nuclear facilities and return full control to Ukraine,” Jean-Pierre added. “We are also aware of the reports of mistreatment of the staff and we applaud the Ukrainian authorities and operators for their commitment to nuclear safety and security under trying circumstances.”

On Monday, the government in Kiev called for a demilitarized zone to be established around Europe’s largest power plant. Zaporozhye has been held in Russian hands ever since February. The facility’s Ukrainian staff continues to provide electricity for Ukraine. 

Russia accuses Ukraine of ‘nuclear terrorism’

Russia accused Ukraine “nuclear terrorism”Over the multiple attacks against the facility. Ukraine’s 44th Artillery Brigade fired at the plant on Sunday from the village of Marganets, on the opposite side of the large Kakhovka water reservoir, General Igor Konashenkov said in a briefing on Monday. He said that it was the second occasion in which Ukrainian shelling had caused the plant to catch fire, and even partial power loss since Friday. The Zaporozhye plant was attacked by several Ukrainian suicide drones late in July.

Kiev has claimed that Russian troops were using the facility as a staging area – but also that the Russians were shelling themselves. Moscow denies both these accusations. Both of those accusations were rejected by Moscow. “countries which have an absolute influence on the Ukrainian leadership”To command Kiev to stop the bombardment.

Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary-General) has condemned the “suicidal”The plant was attacked and the attackers expressed hope that international inspectors would be able get access to the building soon.

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