Up to 100 feared dead in blast following fuel truck collision in Sierra Leone (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT World News

A tanker truck explosion at night in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown caused massive loss of life, with dozens reportedly dead. Many victims were believed to have been trying to get fuel following an accident.

Online images that were taken following the explosion show an enormous fire on the streets with smoke rising into the sky. The head of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), however, said the incident was a “terrible, terrible accident.”

CNN was informed by a spokesperson for the agency that at most 84 were dead. The city’s central morgue told Reuters it had received 91 bodies following the explosion.

According to Mayor Yvonne Aki–Sawyerr, the explosion occurred at Bai Bureh Road in Freetown’s eastern section. It happened when the fuel truck had collided with another vehicle. The scene was captured by She. “harrowing”The death toll could be higher than 100 according to unconfirmed reports.

“Residents who tried to collect the fuel leaking from the truck were victims of the subsequent explosion,”The mayor also added a Facebook statement, which was later removed.

Films of people exhilaratedly standing by the tanker with canisters and others carrying fuel supports the idea that people were gathering it.

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