Unvaccinated to be banned from booze and marijuana in Canada – media — Analysis

Quebec’s province may soon require Covid-19 jab proof to be able to get into liquor stores or cannabis shops.

If taking away jobs and large gatherings isn’t enough to coerce some people into getting vaccinated against Covid-19, cutting them off from hard liquor and marijuana might do the trick. Canada’s Quebec province may soon find out.

Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault’s administration is expected to announce a new requirement for proof of vaccination at liquor stores and cannabis outlets later this week, the Journal de Montreal reported on Tuesday. According to the Journal de Montreal, minor details like whether the passport should be required at entry or at the cash registers are still being worked through.

Quebec requires that proof of vaccination be presented at non-essential locations such as bars, restaurants, theatres, bars, or casinos. Under the new rule, unvaccinated residents will still be able to access convenience stores, which sell beer and wine, but they’ll be essentially barred from legally buying hard liquor.

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According to reports, the move is being made amid pressure from public officials to increase restrictions on Quebeckers refusing to receive their Covid-19 shots. Legault, a reporter claims, asked officials from the public health department about other businesses that might need vaccine passports. “I understand that there is a certain anger”Unjabbed people are the goal.

Ironically, only shoppers will be affected by the liquor or cannabis shop’s new vaccination requirements. Employees won’t be forced to be vaccinated, the Journal de Montreal said.

Nearly 85% of all Quebec residents have received at least one vaccination dose, one of the highest rates in the world, but that hasn’t stopped the rampant spread of Covid-19. Over the last week, there have been an average 15,000 new cases in Quebec. Before the Omicron version of Covid-19 was released in November, new cases averaged less than 700 per day.



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