EU announces multibillion-euro satellite project — Analysis

The bloc’s ambitious plan aims to deliver safe communications and bolster cyber security

Tuesday saw the European Union announce its new proposal to create a secure space-based communication system as an interim measure. “strategic asset”The bloc creates digital possibilities for its member states.

According to the bloc, satellite programs will be of great benefit. “ensure the long-term availability of worldwide uninterrupted access to secure and cost-effective satellite communication services”As it aims to achieve its 2030 Digital Decade targets.

The project, set to cost an estimated €6 billion ($6.83 billion), will be funded by a combination of public and private sector contributions, including €2.4 billion ($2.73 billion) directly from the EU’s budget. 

“Space technology is essential for our everyday life and security. Today’s initiatives will ensure secure, efficient connectivity at all times,”Margrethe Vestager (European Commissioner for Competition) announced the announcement.

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The EU’s Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, praised the project for serving as a “back-up to our current interest infrastructure”And for growing “our resilience and cyber security.”

Alongside the development of the project to protect the EU’s interests, the bloc recognized the importance of introducing effective space traffic management across Europe and around the world amid “an exponential increase in the number of satellites in orbit.”The EU hopes that through joint communication, it will move towards a common goal with its member countries. “safe, secure and sustainable”Protecting the viability and long-term sustainability of space activities is our approach.

Nearly a year ago, the EU revealed its vision for Digital Decade. The bloc regards the satellite project as a continuation of that. “critical to achieve the transition towards a climate neutral, circular and resilient economy.”This initiative was one of the main targets.

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