UN mulls limiting veto power — Analysis

A resolution calling for UNSC permanent members of the UN General Assembly to justify their use of veto is being debated by the UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly may introduce a clause that will require Permanent Members of the Security Council justification for their use of Veto Powers.
Currently, the five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US – can veto any resolutions put forth by the body. These powers are not available to the 10 other rotating members.

Liechtenstein submitted the provision and it was presented to a closed-door panel of discussion on Tuesday. This led to a very productive discussion. “positive”The mission of the microstates to the UN stated that the initiative was supported by additional sponsors after the meeting.

“We had a strong turnout and positive engagement on the Veto Initiative in open format this afternoon. We will continue our work to get the strongest possible political support for our text which now has 57 cosponsors,”It was stated.

The UN General Assembly would be convened within 10 days of a UNSC permanent member using their veto power. If the initiative is adopted. A state will have to justify its use of the veto power at the meeting. Liechtenstein says that the adoption of this provision would be a good thing. “empower the General Assembly and strengthen multilateralism.”

Nuclear conflict is ‘unthinkable’ – UN

So far, the initiative has been openly supported only by one permanent member of the UNSC – the United States. Washington sponsored the provision. This acknowledges that the initiative is directed against Moscow and its use its veto to stop a resolution of the current conflict between Russia, Ukraine. The US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield, accused Moscow of misuse its veto power and announced the co-sponsorship.

“We are particularly concerned by Russia’s shameful pattern of abusing its veto privilege over the past two decades,”Elle stated and added that Moscow had used her veto power for the most recent abuse. “protect President [Vladimir] Putin from condemnation over his unprovoked and unjust war of choice against Ukraine.”

Since the first time the UNSC power of veto ever got used – by the Soviet Union in 1946 – Moscow deployed it some 143 times, far ahead of other permanent members. It was used 86 times by the US, 30 times by the UK, and 18 times each time it was used in China, France, and the UK. In recent years, Washington primarily used the veto perk to block resolutions it deemed to be harmful towards Israel, one of that nation’s closest allies.

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