Train crashes in US — Analysis

After hitting a truck, an Amtrak train going from Los Angeles to Chicago was thrown off-track in Missouri.

Missouri: A passenger train that was carrying long distance passengers, including 243 passengers, and 12 crew members, crashed into a truck while crossing a railroad track. A number of people sustained injuries varying in severity. Three of them had to go to an 80-mile hospital. We have not received any confirmations that there were fatalities.

Two engines and eight cars of the Southwest Chief train were damaged Monday by a collision with a vehicle near Mendon in Missouri. “that was obstructing a public crossing,”Amtrak issued a statement. It was travelling from Los Angeles, California to Chicago when the accident occurred at 12:42 Central.

Amtrak stated that there was “early reports of injuries”They could not give any more details, but said that information would be released as and when it becomes available. “Local authorities are currently assisting customers and we have deployed Amtrak resources to assist.”

Mendon has approximately 160 residents and is located about 84 miles (135km) northeast Kansas City. It is located in the northeast corner of Kansas City. “pulled together to help everyone”The rescued passengers were then taken to high school by Dax McDonald (one of those on the train), who tweeted the news.

Ron Nightingale posted short videos and photos of the incident on Facebook. 

“Looks like we’ll be late to Chicago,” Nightingale says, shaken. “We hit a truck… someone was crossing the tracks…”

“I am OK, others are not,”He added another comment.

According to the railroad, the vehicle that was struck by it was either a tractor-trailer (or a dump truck).

Eric Maze, a hospital spokesperson, reported that three passengers were transported from the accident scene to University Hospital Columbia. It is located approximately 80 miles southwest. The condition of the passengers was unknown to him. However, reporters on the spot said that several helicopters were requested to provide medical evacuation.

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