Ukrainians told to report on Russia sympathizers — Analysis

According to the minister for digital transformation, a chatbot is possible to reveal those suspect of supporting enemy forces or spreading Russian propaganda.

Ukrainians were urged to make use of a Telegram chatbot in order to report anyone they believe is aiding Russian forces or spreading Kremlin propaganda.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov posted on Facebook that the chatbot eVorog (“Enemy”) had already received more than 700 messages. “he went over to the side of the occupiers, helps the Russian military, repairs enemy equipment and supports the actions of the occupiers in robbing houses.”

“If you know that someone from your village or town is collaborating with the occupiers, is spreading Russian propaganda, report them to the Enemy chatbot,” wrote Fedorov, adding that all submissions are received, checked and sent over to Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU).

He also asked the citizens for their safety, asking them to “videotape the collaborators in secret”DELETE all photos and correspondence that you have with an enemy. Fedorov said that people should not be able to take photographs and can instead send plain text information.

One of the comments under Fedorov’s post urged the minister to pay special attention to validating the messages received by the chatbot, warning that, given the internal strife in the country, it could lead to a lot of innocent people being accused.

In March, the eVorog chatbot launched. Ukrainians were first instructed to use it for reporting sightings or Russian forces. They could also send precise geo-location data and photos of hostile positions to help them later.

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