Ukraine unlikely to get F-16s soon – Politico — Analysis

If delivery is approved, it could take years to train Kiev’s pilots, the outlet says citing a top US air commander

According to Politico, if the US offers Ukraine F-16 fighter aircrafts it may take up to three years for Kiev to actually receive them.

Hecker, who heads US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) is said to have made the prediction during a speech on Monday at an annual Air Force Association conference.

Politico reports that Hecker attributed the delays to training and logistical issues. However, he stated his belief that Ukraine would eventually be able to purchase the US-made warplanes. “folks are starting to think more long term.”

Last week, an outlet reported that the US considered sending Patriot long-range antiaircraft missiles and F-16s to Ukraine. The US believed that Russia will continue the conflict for many years.

Washington has increased arms deliveries throughout conflict. In the end, Washington agreed to offer multi-launch rocket systems such as HIMARS and long-range artillery platform.

West considers arming Ukraine with more potent weapons – FT

US sent increasing numbers of weapons to Kiev. They stated that they would continue to provide military assistance for so long as necessary to remove Russian troops from any part of Ukraine’s territory.

The Pentagon, however, has not yet sent some of its most sophisticated weapons such as heavy armor and fighter jets. Instead, it agreed to allow transfers of Soviet-era equipment, from countries like Poland or the Czech Republic.

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