Ukraine may suspend visa-free travel for Israelis — Analysis

Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, has criticized the host country for refusing entry to Ukrainian citizens without electronic visas, saying that Kiev is currently contemplating whether to retaliate reciprocally.

“We are now considering whether to suspend the visa-free regime for Israelis,”Korniychuk claimed in a recent interview that he had confirmed the statement to Israeli media. “Right now it will be intangible, but by Rosh Hashanah [Jewish New Year], the Israeli government will feel it.”

“We insist that there be complete reciprocity. If Ukrainians are required to have an electronic visa – Israelis will also be required to have such a visa,”He told Yedioth Ahronoth. According to him, the government of Kiev takes care “painfully”The Ukrainins, on the other hand, are discriminated against.

According to the diplomat, in the face a “huge misfortune”Kiev needs all the help it can get “partners,”It doesn’t matter if it costs money or not, Israel appears to be the best. “waiting to see which side starts winning.”

Ukraine tells Israel to get real

In March, the Israeli Interior Ministry stated that Ukrainians who are visiting Israel will need to complete a form in order to enter. It also set a limit on non-Jewish refugees. Authorities in Kiev criticized it. “an unfriendly step”At the moment.

The criticisms and perceived lack of support by his host country are not new to the Ukrainian diplomat. Korniychuk had earlier urged Israel to support him. “to move away from its comfort zone and get back to reality,” demanding more “military-technical support”Spike anti-tank guided Missiles, Iron Dome missile defense systems and other weapon supplies.

Israel provided non-lethal humanitarian aid and assistance to Kiev since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine late February. However, Israel did not send arms and broke with long lists of US allies that supplied light and heavy weaponry.

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