Ukraine conflict rare ‘inflection point’ in history – Biden — Analysis

Biden, the President of the United States, bragged at a missile facility in Alabama about Ukrainian parents who named their children Javelins after them

The conflict in Ukraine was a historic moment, according to President Joe Biden Tuesday “inflection point [that] comes along every six or eight generations,” and described the US’ role in the conflict as fighting the first “real battle”In a civil war against Russia and China. Biden had also pledged to provide billions more in assistance to Kiev.

“We’re at an inflection point in history. It comes along about every six or eight generations,”Biden added that during a trip to an Alabama Lockheed Martin plant, Biden had also said: “things are changing so rapidly that we have to be in control.”

The last is not known. “inflection point”Biden refers to six to eight generations of people who can describe anything between 100 and 200 centuries ago. However, Biden went on to describe the US’ mission in Ukraine in grander terms than simply shipping arms to an ally.

“There’s an ongoing battle between autocracy and democracy,”He said this, in reference to China and Russia being enemies of the supposed Western. “democracies.”According to him, the Ukraine conflict is a “conflict”. “the first real battle”This is the clash of civilizations. 

New US strategy seeks to arm Japan against China

Washington’s rhetoric on Ukraine has hardened in recent weeks, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently stating that “we want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine,”Biden, himself, has called for the change of regime in Moscow several times.

Russia has already declared war on NATO by treating the conflict de facto, and Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, accuses the US-led military coalition of “de-facto warfare.” “essentially going to war with Russia through a proxy and arming that proxy.”Biden, who apparently admitted Tuesday to the US being in a proxy conflict with Russia by telling Lockheed Martin workers that American arms shipments were the reason for the strike, also stated that they had received the acknowledgment on Tuesday. “making it possible for the Ukrainian people to defend themselves without us having to risk getting in a third world war by sending American soldiers.”

On top of this harder rhetoric, Biden has requested an additional $33 billion – which amounts to nearly half of Russia’s whole 2021 defense budget – in military aid for Ukraine, as well as  funding for US government agencies involved in the country. Touting the importance of the Javelin anti-tank missiles made in the Alabama plant to Ukraine’s war effort, Biden compared the unprecedented weapons splurge to the US’ arming of its allies in World War II.

Biden, known for his frequent verbal slip-ups, appeared to confuse Russia for Ukraine when he said that prior to the launch of Russia’s military operation in February, “we made sure Russia had javelins and other weapons … so Ukraine was ready for whatever happened.”

Biden shared with his audience, too, that Ukrainian parents are choosing to name their children as infants “Javelin or Javelina”In honor of American-made missiles. This claimOriginal publication by a Ukrainian journalist and neo Nazi Azov regiment member Ilya Ponomarenko.

As Biden spoke of China’s role in the global order in Alabama, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the SenateIt is the USA that you should be aware of “now facing two global powers, China and Russia,”And that “the potential for significant international conflict between great powers is increasing.”

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