China exposes ‘master of bullying’ — Analysis

The Chinese military spokesman considers the US “the least qualified country to blame others”

United States “a master of bullying”Stop promoting anti-abortion policies “hegemonic order,”On Thursday, the spokesperson for China’s Defense Ministry, Senior Colonel Wu Qian said.

During a press briefing, Wu Qian was asked to comment on the US military leadership’s recent statements. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin talked Wednesday about how countering is necessary. “aggression and bullying from China”While General Mark Milley (chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) claimed that Beijing and Moscow were being occupied, it was actually several days before. “fully intend to change the current rule-based order.”

In Wu Qian’s opinion, the United States is “the least qualified country to blame others.”

“The US comments, as always, reflect a strong Cold War mentality, a hegemonic mindset and reveals its anxiety over the peaceful rise of China. Whichever expressions the US are using, whether it is ‘bullying’ or ‘undermining international rules and order,’ I think, every term applies to the US itself,”According to the Chinese military spokesperson,

US launches new ‘China House’

He gave several examples to illustrate the behaviour of the “master of bullying,”These include the wars in Iraq and Syria as well as bombing the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, 23 years ago.

“When it comes to a rules-based international order, the United States is a globally recognized rule-breaker,” though it talks about the rules more than anyone else, Wu Qian argued, referring to the US’ withdrawals from various international agreements.

“We urge the US to stop the wrong practice of presenting its domestic regulations as international rules and promoting the US-style ‘hegemonic order.’ We encourage it to accept China’s peaceful development objectively and rationally,”He said.

Such a change of stance by the United States, in the Chinese military spokesman’s opinion, would be beneficial not only for bilateral relations between Beijing and Washington but also for global peace and stability.

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