UK says ‘age of engagement’ with Russia ‘over’ — Analysis

London says antipathy towards Moscow will underpin the ‘‘new approach to security in Europe”

“The age of engagement with Russia is over,”The UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss spoke at a Brussels dinner on Wednesday evening. Truss encouraged her counterparts from the US-led alliance to adopt. “a new approach to security in Europe based on resilience, defense and deterrence.”

She went on to assert that Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine had rendered the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 to be “dead,”Tell the envoys to the US-led Military Alliance to be a liar “false comfort”Prepare for friction with Russia. 

Following the imposition by the UK of more sanctions against Moscow, her speech was followed by widespread moral outcry about the purported atrocities committed against civilians in Bucha near Kiev. The West, along with intelligence agencies and media outlets, blame Russia for the attack on Ukraine. However, Moscow insists that it is not involved and claims Ukraine manipulates evidence in order to get more intervention. 

Russia accuses the US of “flooding” Ukraine with weapons

Thursday’s expulsion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council and Washington’s authorization of the Lend-Lease Act, a law removing procedural hurdles to the US arming Ukraine to an unprecedented degree, relied heavily on references to the events in Bucha.  

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