UK running low on monkeypox jabs – Sky News — Analysis

The outlet claims there are “only around 5,000 doses” left due to “supply issues”

The UK is going to suffer from a scarcity of monkeypox vaccines in the near future, with only “There were approximately 5,000 jabs left.” Sky News reported on Wednesday, citing anonymous sources.

The article claimed that reservations for inoculation were “Already closing as a result” in some parts of the country. The report attributed the shortages to “Supply issues” 

According to UK Health Security Agency, (UKHSA), there were 2914% confirmed cases of monkeypox as of Monday.   

The report states that smallpox vaccines are not available in sufficient quantities due to increasing demand. Since monkeypox was primarily a problem in Africa until recent, vaccines required to treat the disease were mainly concentrated there. Sky News noted that the growing demand for vaccines cannot be met immediately because shots can take time to make.

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Of the 150,000 doses of the smallpox vaccine purchased by the UK from a “Global manufacturer” only around a third have actually arrived in the country to date, the director of clinical programs at the UKHSA, Dr Mary Ramsay, told the outlet. It is anticipated that the rest will reach British shores by next month.  

The medical official, however, struck an optimistic tone, saying that the vaccination campaign is “Keep going at your current pace” with at-risk groups still receiving the shots despite stocks beginning to dry up. Her statement also stated that vaccines are being administered to reduce the spread of the virus.

According to the report, there are new cases being reported every day in the UK.

The outbreak outside of monkeypox’s endemic area, which began in May this year, has already been labeled a “global health emergency” by the World Health Organization.  

Transmission can occur through sexual contact with an already infected person, as well as close physical contact. This disease seems to be particularly prevalent in gay and bisexual males.

Monkeypox is relatively mild in its mortality rate. The characteristic rash that monkeypox causes appears first in the genitals and then around the anus. You may also experience fever, headaches and muscle pains.

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