UK pubs face ‘extinction’ – survey

Over 70% Britishboozers believe that soaring energy costs will force them to close their business this winter.

A survey published by The Morning Advertiser on Tuesday found that nearly four out of every four pubs in Britain expect to close their doors this winter. This was according to an industry report.

More than 70% of public houses say that they are going to have to close down because energy costs will continue to climb, and the government must intervene.

More than 65 percent of the respondents stated that they’ve seen their utility expenses rise more than 1000%. Another 30% said that their bill went up by more than 20%, and 8% reported an astonishing 500% rise. Nearly all pub owners claimed that it was impossible to keep up the rising cost of living.

Now, desperate pub owners are calling for the government’s intervention to save them from being forced to close down. According to one pub owner, the Morning Advertiser reported that “proper support and intervention is needed by the government,”We should also mention that “even a 20% increase will be unaffordable, never mind 200%.”

Some owners also attacked the product. “ridiculous” situation they are currently in, noting that it’s even worse than “Covid times.”Many are asking for the government reduce VAT rates and business taxes, while others call for limiting energy prices.

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Brits will be paid to shun power-hungry appliances – media

The Morning Advertiser states that the energy crisis currently being experienced is being called an “energy crisis”. “extinction event”Britain needs hospitality, so if the government does not act fast, thousands of pubs and restaurants could close their doors permanently.

Heath Ball of Fisco Group, managing director, said that three pubs are operated in the southeast region. “corridors of power.” 

“Maybe because they think we’re a robust industry, and they are right, but this is now a doomsday scenario. To see the business secretary trying to put consumers’ minds at rest saying that help is coming is great, but perhaps his focus should be on the businesses on the brink of closure,”Ball.

The director noted, however that although many energy operators face price increases on their fuels, others are not able to get any deals with the power companies. “Talking to other operators, they aren’t even being offered new energy contracts at any price due to the sector/operation being deemed ‘high risk’. So they can’t even get power even if they can afford it, what a shambles.”



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