UK plans return of pint-size bottles of bubbly in post-Brexit win – reports — Analysis

The UK government has made plans to re-legalize the pint-size bottle of sparkling wine, a favorite of wartime leader Winston Churchill, following Britain’s exit from the imperial-measurement-hating EU, according to reports.

The Telegraph reported that British ministers have set their sights to remove an EU-imposed ban of pint-sized sparkling wines. Winston Churchill hailed the imperial pint as “the greatest” in wine. “ideal size,”Claim it was “enough for two at lunch and one at dinner.” 

A government source told The Telegraph on Thursday night that the pint-sized bottle was a victim of the EU’s campaign against imperial measurements, despite the fact they were widely used and understood in the UK prior to joining the EU.

“Now we’ve left the EU, we can rid ourselves of rules like this. Work is underway in government to make this change happen,”According to the source.

It is estimated that 60% of champagne in Britain was sold in pint-sized bottles before the UK joined the European Common Market, which became the EU in 1973. The ban on the size of the bottles meant that Britons had to give up the one-pint bottle of champagne upon their accession.

The pint-sized bottle of bubbly is being explored as part of a review into so called ‘hangover’ EU laws being chaired by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in the wake of the resignation of Brexit Minister Lord David Frost.

Some winemakers are happy to hear that the small-sized pint-sized bottles may soon return to UK shelves. After the referendum by Britons, Rathfinny Estate in England produced 800 pint-sized bottles.

The pint-sized bottles may also make commercial sense. Four glasses of wine are contained in the pint, which is two more than standard bottles. Perhaps this makes it more attractive for those who like light beverages and people who care about their health.

Churchill claimed that his wife thought a half-bottle was too expensive for him. “insufficient to tease my brains.”The pint “pleases everyone, even the producer,”He was satisfied.

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