UK conservatives plot move against PM – Bloomberg — Analysis

Tories look to challenge Boris Johnson’s leadership as soon as next week in a confidence vote

Boris Johnson, the UK’s Prime Minister could be facing a challenge from conservative MPs who want to hold another confidence vote. Bloomberg reports, citing an insider familiar with this matter.

According to reports, members of the 1922 Committee will meet Wednesday in order to debate the prime minister. Bloomberg reported that if the majority votes in favour, a second confidence ballot may be submitted as soon as next week.  

Johnson had been asked to resign following the resignations of dozens of ministers and cabinet members in recent days. At least 15 MPs including Rishi Javid, Chancellor of Exchequer and Sajid Javid, Health Secretary have already left the PM.

Sunak stated in his resignation letter that “the public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously,”These were his beliefs. “worth fighting for,”It was the main reason that he decided to quit. 

Another minister resigns from UK government

Will Quince, the Junior Education Minister, stated that Wednesday was his last chance to resign following receiving an offer. “inaccurate” briefings from Johnson’s government before being asked to publicly defend the prime minister’s decision to promote an MP accused of sexual assault. 

Bloomberg quotes a top government official as saying that Johnson is on the verge of being fired. “red alert for signs of a coordinated plot from his ministers to bring him down,”His leadership is increasingly criticized. According to Tory MPs, they are angry at how the prime minister conducts himself. He was also fined for failing to report illegal parties on Downing Street in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bloomberg noted that Johnson survived a confidence vote last month even though 40% of his MPs voted against.

Current party rules provide that the prime minister is exempt from any further leadership challenges for one year. If the Tory rebels are able to defeat Johnson, it may trigger another ballot that could lead Johnson being ejected.

Johnson reportedly responded to the plot by stating that he would “keep going”Bloomberg reports that he has resisted calls to quit.

“The job of a prime minister in difficult circumstances when he’s been handed a colossal mandate is to keep going and that’s what I’ll do,”Johnson spoke to MPs Wednesday, after they asked him. “take responsibility and resign.” 

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