Two dead as French military clashes with protesters in Africa — Analysis

Two people died and 16 were injured when protesters surrounded a French military convoy after it crossed from Burkina Faso. The column was blocked for more than a week.

On Saturday, protests erupted against the French military convoy that was redeploying from Ivory Coast, Mali. It was less than 30km (19 miles) away from Niger when it crossed from Burkina Faso.

Online footage shows protesters positioned in front of multiple vehicles, including armored trucks and logistic trucks. A burning barricade was seen raising thick clouds of smoke from the roadway.

Protestors vented out their frustration at France’s military presence. “Down with France!”French military servicemen were required to set fire to their homes. “warning shots”French army spokesperson Colonel Pascal Ianni said that they were ready to face the protestors.

“Protesters tried to pillage and seize the trucks,”Ianni. “There were warning shots by the Nigerian gendarmes and French soldiers.”

According to Hamma Mamoudou (local mayor), at least two people died and 16 were injured in the chaos protest. These were the casualties. “most likely”The official stated that gunshots caused the injuries.

After spending the week blocked in Burkina Faso by protestors, the convoy was received in Niger with a cold reception. Last weekend, the column became trapped in the Burkinabe city of Kaya by hundreds of protesters, who were venting their anger over France’s military presence, as well as over its inability to stop militant attacks that have been plaguing the region.

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