Two Babies Survive Tornado That Carried Them Away in Bathtub

Their grandmother stated that two babies were able to survive a tornado in Kentucky, which tore the tub they were using as shelter from the storm and then tossed it inside.

Clara Lutz said that last Friday, she placed Dallas, 15-month-old, and Kaden (three-month-old), in the bathtub with a blanket a pillow and a bible. After that, the Hopkins County house began shaking.

“Next thing I knew, the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands,” Lutz said. “I couldn’t hold on. I just – oh my God.”

Lutz was hit on the back of her head by the tub’s water tank. She said that she started looking for children among all the debris. She had her home torn down to its foundation.
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“All I could say was, ‘Lord please bring my babies back safely. Please, I beg thee,’” she said.

It was discovered in her backyard, upside down with children beneath. Authorities from the sheriff’s office drove to the end of her driveway and reunited her with the two children, she said.

Dallas suffered from a bump in the back of the head. He had to be taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville as his brain was bleeding. However, the bleeding stopped just before Lutz arrived at the hospital.

Lutz reported that parents of the children lived in the north end county. Their home was virtually unaffected during the tornado.

After more than 40 tornadoes ravaged a large area over the weekend, at least 92 deaths have been reported in multiple states.

According to Kentucky’s state emergency management and state health departments, the number of people missing is currently 75. According to the governor, all people who were reported as missing by the state following the tornadoes are now safe and sound.


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