Turkish leader calls out ‘main threat to democracy’ — Analysis

Social media has become “one of the main sources of threat to today’s democracy,” Turkish President Erdogan has declared, adding the platforms make it difficult to “protect” the “vulnerable” without imposing undue censorship.

Although social media networks are often referred to as “social media”, they were originally marketed initially as “a symbol of freedom,”Recep Tayyip Turkey declared they were a danger to democratic societies in a video message to a communication conference. According to the Associated Press

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“We try to protect our people, especially the vulnerable sections of our society, against lies and disinformation without violating our citizens’ right to receive accurate and impartial information,”Erdogan went on. Social media sites with more than 1 million users must store their data and have a Turkish legal representative. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitter all agreed to establish satellite offices.

Turkey considers a law which would ban the spreading of homosexuality “false information”The term “online” is notoriously complicated to define on both the social media platforms and its billions of users. The major social media platforms have all tightened their censorship considerably since the Covid-19 crisis. They also declared some ideas unacceptable in advance of 2020’s US Presidential election.

This law, if passed by the legislature, would allow social media regulators to officially interpret posts that are misinformed as government-issued information. The new offensive content can result in up to five year imprisonment.

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Turkey’s media climate has been criticized for the heavy-handed role played by the government, and the self-appointed guardians of press freedom, such as Freedom House, have criticized Erdogan’s government for removing content critical of the government and “prosecuting”Posters are people who “undesirable”Comments on social media. For example, the infamously-biased ‘free encyclopedia’ Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey for three years, supposedly due to the English version’s claim (in an article on “state-sponsored terrorism”Turkey had been a such state sponsor. After the Constitutional Court of Turkey found that it was in violation of human rights, the ban was lifted last year.



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