Turkish airstrike kills three Syrian soldiers – media — Analysis

Turkish airstrikes killed three Syrian soldiers in the countryside near Aleppo on Tuesday, Syria’s SANA news network reported. According to the outlet, Syrian forces responded with strikes on Turkish military facilities, which caused an undetermined number of deaths.

According to SANA, six soldiers were wounded and three of them died in the strike, which was reported by military sources. According to these sources, Syria’s armed forces “responded to the aggression, targeting the occupation sites and destroying them, causing human and material losses.”

The report said that several sites belonging to Turkish-backed antigovernment militants were also attacked in retaliation. 

“With the intensification of the provocations practiced by the Turkish regime and the repeated attacks on different areas of Syrian territory, we affirm that any attack on any military point of our armed forces will be met by a direct and immediate response on all fronts,”According to the military source.

Three killed in Israeli airstrikes, Syria says

Turkey frequently conducts attacks against Kurdish militias located in the region, which is occupied by Ankara-sponsored militants. Turkey’s allies, the Syrian National Army, and its primary enemies, the Kurdish YPG, both oppose the government of Bashar Assad.

Recep Tayyip Turkey Erdogan repeatedly stated that a 30-kilometer buffer zone would be established. “safe zone”It is located on Syria’s far-left side. He stated earlier this month that Turkish forces will soon start an operation. “clear the last areas where the terrorist organization is nesting in Syria,”Refers to the land that is still owned by the YPG on the Syrian side.

Earlier on Tuesday, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said that it had “neutralized”Thirteen terrorists attacked the border to respond to an attack mortar on a border fort. “operations continue in the region.”Separate announcement TwitterThe ministry stated that five Kurdish fighters had been killed by its mechanized force.

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