UK judge throws out Africa deportation appeal — Analysis

After the appeal was quashed the Home Office will fly the first group to Rwanda with asylum seekers on Tuesday

Monday’s ruling by the UK Court of Appeal was that an earlier decision, which permitted Rwandan authorities to accept asylum seekers from Rwanda, cannot be reversed. This decision opens the door for Tuesday’s departure of the first flight for Africa.

Judge Rabinder Singh dismissed the appeal brought by two trade unions and human rights groups. He argued that his appeals court couldn’t interfere with an appeal. “clear and detailed”A High Court judge ruled Friday that the flights could be deported.

A second challenge to the ruling is being considered by Asylum Aid. It’s currently under review at the High Court.

With that last-ditch challenge unlikely to succeed, only eight asylum seekers will be aboard Tuesday’s flight. Care4Calais stated that originally the flight had been scheduled to transport 31 persons, but it was later expanded to accommodate 23. “had their Rwanda tickets canceled”Unknown reasons

UK poised to send first asylum seekers to Africa

With the number of migrants reaching Britain’s shores hitting a record 28,300 in 2021, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a deal in April whereby Rwanda would house migrants seeking asylum in Britain in exchange for a down payment of £120 million ($148 million). News of the scheme caused outrage among many, but Johnson insisted that it would make the people-smuggling route to the UK unpopular and take the heat off of Britain’s social services.

All migrants accepted by the UK for asylum will be given refugee status.

Johnson stated last month, for reasons he wouldn’t elaborate, that the UK would allow refugees who fled conflict zones in Ukraine to enter the country.

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