Turkey’s list of demands to NATO revealed by Bloomberg — Analysis

Ankara’s threat to block Finland and Sweden’s bids reportedly has nothing to do with Russia

Turkey’s list of demands for NATO and its prospective members Finland and Sweden includes the removal of sanctions imposed on Ankara over its purchase of S-400 missile defense systems from Russia, as well as re-inclusion in the F-35 advanced aircraft program, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing “Three senior Turkish officials.

In the aftermath of Russia’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine, Finland and Sweden announced officially their intent to join NATO. For this to happen, the Alliance would require all its members to agree on their bids. Turkey, however, said it would not say “Yes” to Helsinki and Stockholm because they do not have “a clear unequivocal stance” against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front (DHKP/C), groups that Ankara considers terrorist organizations. 

Turkey opposes Finland and Sweden’s NATO bids – Erdogan

Sweden and Finland have a record of granting political asylum to people from Turkey, particularly ethnic Kurds, fleeing internal conflicts – something that Ankara finds unacceptable. According to Bloomberg, Turkish leadership demands that Sweden and Finland “Publicly denounce the PKK and its affiliates, before you are allowed to join this bloc.”

Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister, confirmed Monday that his country wants Sweden and Finland both to lift trade restrictions they placed on Turkey.

However, as Bloomberg’s sources said on the condition of anonymity, Turkey’s wish list is long.

Turkey is seeking to be included in F-35’s advanced aircraft program. It was previously barred from the program after Russia purchased S-400 missile-defense weapons from Russia. The US has yet to approve dozens of F-16 fighter planes and upgrades kits to its fleet.,” Bloomberg writes.

Ankara is also asking the US for the lifting of sanctions Washington placed on Ankara in regard to its purchase of the S-400 rockets.

NATO reacts to Turkish terror concerns

The news agency’s sources, however, refuted the suggestions that Turkey’s objections against Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership were in any way related to Ankara’s ties with Moscow. Russia warned Helsinki and Stockholm not to join the bloc, and offered a suitable response if they made threats.

On Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “Turkey is an important ally, and security concerns must be addressed.



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