Turkey should veto NATO expansion for next 20 years – retired general — Analysis

Naimbaburoglu states that Ankara is able to make the most of this opportunity to realize its goals.

According to a former Turkish Brigadier General Naimbaburoglu, Turkey should seize the opportunity presented by Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two Nordic countries applied for membership to the US-led Military bloc.

NATO member Turkey stated that it would oppose the bids. It also accused Finland and Sweden for supporting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), an organization which was outlawed in Ankara.

Turkey now has a strategically card thanks to its veto power. The cards are only drawn once every 30-40 years and must be used to ensure that not just Helsinki or Stockholm but all NATO member countries designate PKK as terrorist organization. Baburoglu spoke to Sozcu on Sunday.

Top Finnish lawmaker balks at Turkey’s NATO threat

He said that the US’s approval of the Turkish sale F-16s should not be sufficient to convince the Turkish government to alter its position.

“Even if it takes 20 years, Turkey must capitalize on its veto power on the issue of Sweden and Finland,”According to the former general, he used to work near Mons at NATO’s headquarters.

According to Baburoglu, it’s in Washington’s power to resolve the deadlock over Helsinki and Stockholm’s membership bids.

“Who has the most interest in Sweden and Finland being in NATO? Because it wishes to defend Russia’s northern Baltics, the US is the one that has the most interest. Therefore… Turkey should discuss this matter with the US in the first place,”He said.

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