Turkey, Saudi Arabia seek to turn page on Khashoggi murder — Analysis

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed is visiting Turkey to pay a visit. He is accused of ordering the murder of the Istanbul dissident.

On Wednesday, Mohammed bin Salman (the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, widely believed to be de facto ruler) will visit Turkey. Following a break in 2018, he is scheduled to meet President Tayyip Erdoan in their second meeting this year.

Ankara expects “a full normalization and a restoration of the pre-crisis period,”A senior Turkish official spoke to Reuters under anonymity. “A new era will begin.”

Jamal Khashoggi was killed by a Saudi hit squad at the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul. Ankara became angry at being indirectly implicated in the crime. Turkish officials blamed Saudi Arabian senior leaders.

They were brought to trial, while their countrymen faced trials. The royal palace refuted claims that Prince Mohammed directed the strike. Riyadh claimed the security personnel. “went rogue”Istanbul

In April, Erdogan visited Saudi Arabia to meet the crown prince and partially ended the diplomatic spat between them. Ankara’s and Riyadh’s mutual critiques were tempered during the reconciliation. Turkey, at the same time, announced that 26 Saudi suspects were being tried in absentia for Khashoggi’s murder. It would also transfer the case from Turkey to Saudi Arabia.

West pressuring Arab states – top official

Observers believe that the Turkish leader is interested in Saudi assistance to boost his country’s economy, which suffered some serious blows amid the global slowdown. Erdogan will be facing an uphill battle to be elected as the next Turkish president.

Erdogan visited UAE, a close ally to Saudi Arabia (February), for the first-time in almost a decade. Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan was the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi at that time. He visited Ankara last November. Following his visit, the UAE launched a $10 million fund to invest in Turkey.

Turkey’s change of stance towards Saudi Arabia is not unlike that of the United States. On his campaign trail, President Joe Biden pledged to Saudi Arabia to be a “free and fair country.” “pariah”The murder victim, who is expected to be in country next month, was a major concern. The US government is trying to control the rise in gas prices and his administration seeks an increase in production from the Gulf Kingdom.

This week, Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Jordan and Egypt.

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