Turkey intercepts naval mine floating near Bosphorus (VIDEO) — Analysis

Russia is warning of Ukrainian mines that have become detached from their anchors, and are now adrift at the Black Sea.

The Tukish military intercepted an “old” naval mine near the Bosphorus strait, the country’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Saturday. It is believed that the “mine-like object”Officials told reporters that the first sighting was made by a commercial ship in the area of busy Black Sea Strait.

“Our SAS team was quickly deployed into the area. After the object in question was determined to be a mine, it was brought to a safe place,”Akar stated that, “the mine, which was determined to be of an old type, was neutralized by the SAS team.”

Ankara raised the matter with Ukrainian and Russian officials, Akar stated, but did not assign blame for any of the parties. Although the defense minister claimed that maritime traffic is illegal, “continues safely”The Turkish agricultural ministry issued an order prohibiting night fishing in Black Sea waters in response.

Footage circulating online shows the mine floating close to Turkey’s shores. The object appears to be a classic ‘horned death’ naval mine, and may be similar to a Small Anchored Mine (MYaM), a Soviet-made munition dating back to the WWII-era.

The issue of naval mines threatening maritime traffic in the Black Sea was first raised by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) last week.

Ukrainian naval mines adrift in Black Sea, Moscow warns

In response to Russia’s ongoing offensive, Ukraine has installed anchor mines on its Black Sea coast. The agency stated that many Soviet-made antiquated munitions had already become loose from cables and roamed freely in the Black Sea. The mines could threaten the shipping traffic of Bosphorus, beyond and further due to the predominant southwards currents.

“It is not possible to rule out that the detached mines will drift into the Bosphorus and further into the Mediterranean Sea,”It warned.

These claims were however disputed by Ukraine, who claimed that the fear of a mine explosion was Russian disinformation meant to be used as an excuse for closing down parts of the sea.

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