Tulsi Gabbard responds to ‘Russian asset’ accusations — Analysis

A former congresswoman has retorted to allegations that she spreads propaganda and is being compensated

Former Democratic Representative and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has responded to recent accusations of being a ‘Russian asset’ for ‘promoting Russian propaganda’ and being ‘paid off by Russian agents’ after she tried to raise awareness concerning alleged US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Gabbard highlighted in a Twitter post posted Sunday the risks posed to the environment by citing the “25 to 30”These research centers are located in Ukraine. “if breached would release and spread deadly pathogens to the US and the world.” She called for all parties, including Russia, Ukraine and NATO to take immediate action to prevent a possible disaster from unfolding and implementing a ceasefire around such labs until they are secure and the pathogens are destroyed.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney responded to the video by saying the former congresswoman’s remarks about the existence of these biolabs could result in people being killed and amounted to spreading “treasonous lies.”

Many mainstream media outlets attempted to portray Gabbard, echoing Hillary Clinton’s statements during the 2020 election as Russian assets. Even the Daily Beast published an article alleging Gabbard’s payment by a Russian agent in her presidential campaign, when she was supported by dual Russian-American citizens.

During a recent appearance on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, Gabbard responded to the accusations, saying, “this is not a matter of disagreement or holding a dissenting view. This is about facts and this is about the truth,”You can’t have too much of “regurgitating Hillary Clinton’s slanderous talking points”You can make the truths different.

Reiterating her assertion that she did not claim that Ukraine had bioweapons labs, contrary to the media reporting it, she said that they are. “biolabs in Ukraine that have received US support that contain dangerous pathogens”If the information is released, it could lead to a world without a government. “future of pandemics.”Gabbard demanded that the matter be dealt with immediately, and that the pathogens be destroyed or secured.

Gabbard then attacked the media for trying not to acknowledge that biolabs were actually there. “the plethora of evidence that exists,”While some news media are describing it as shocking that they play up biolabs like fantasy, several US Departments and officials publicly express concern about the possibility of pathogens being released from biolabs located in Ukraine.

Former congresswoman said that the media lies to American citizens blatantly. She also responded to accusations her campaign received funds from Russian agents. “You saw headlines a couple of days ago: ‘Tulsi Gabbard Paid Off By Russian Agents.’

“What the media is lying about is the fact that an American citizen gave my campaign a $59 contribution coming from a woman I’ve never met, someone I don’t know, I don’t know anything about, but somehow they feel justified in saying, ‘Tulsi Gabbard is being paid off.’”

Gabbard pointed out the dangers presented by the media tricking the public in such a blatant manner, saying the following “so-called journalists have a responsibility to the public,”If they continue to tell lies without any accountability it can pose a serious problem “a direct threat to our democratic republic.” 

“They continue to parrot and propagate these lies and they need to be held accountable. They need to be exposed,”She said.

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