Trump warns of World War III — Analysis

Washington’s handling of the Ukraine conflict could lead to a global war, the former US president has said

Donald Trump, an ex-US President, stated that Washington’s lavish military support to Kiev could have led to the conflict in Ukraine becoming World War III.

“We have a war in Ukraine… and perhaps it’s going to lead to World War III because of the way we’re handling it,”Trump made the warning in a Friday speech to a Nashville religious conservative conference.

“We just gave $40 billion on top of another $16 billion. So, we’re in for $56 billion,”He spoke out about the assistance packages that the Biden administration had approved for Ukraine during the conflict with Russia.

“But when you look at Europe – and Germany, and France and all these other countries – they’ve given a tiny fraction, a tiny, tiny fraction of what we’re giving. We’re giving $56 billion and they’re giving a few billion dollars. And they’re the ones who are affected much more so,”He stated.

Ukraine vows to reclaim Crimea with US weapons

Trump blamed President Joe Biden for the current conflict. He was replaced in the White House by Donald Trump. “if I were president that would never have happened.”

“And I got to know Putin very well and we talked about it… he knew the consequences were going to be tremendous. He understood that and he would have never ever done it,”But the ex-president insisted.

“If the election weren’t rigged and stolen, we wouldn’t have had any problems with Ukraine being attacked viciously,”
He stated.

Trump spent a lot of his address attacking House Committee hearings about the events on January 6, 2021. He claimed that the investigation into Trump’s alleged involvement in provocation of his supporters to storm Washington’s Capitol building in Washington was unfair. “rigged deal”And a “one-sided witch hunt.”

Trump accuses Democrats Of Planning

He once more teased the possibility of running for President in 2024. “Would anyone like me to run for president?”Trump asked and the crowd roared with laughter.

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